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For Parents

General Policies

Payments: Registration fees are due at the first class or rehearsal for each session/program. Tuition fees can be split into two payments per program/session, with the first half of the total due at the first class and second half due at week 5.

Late Payments/Returned Checks: A $10 late fee will be issued if tuition payments are more than one week late. Returned checks will be issued a $15 charge.

Attendance: Attendance to each class and rehearsal is necessary for each student to be able to learn the material given. Class members and fellow cast members rely on each other for cues, spacing, etc. If your student must miss a class or rehearsal, please email the studio as soon as you can to inform the teachers. No refunds will be given for missed classes or rehearsals.

Dress Code:  Musical Theatre program students should wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in.  No tight jeans or skirts. Proper footwear is also important. Actors should wear clean flexible sneakers or dance shoes to each rehearsal. Girls should have their hair tied back away from their face. Dance and Acting Class students will be given specific instructions on required dance wear and shoes. For performances, Musical Theatre program students should have ballet or dance shoes.

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