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Our Mission:

At North Shore Children's Theatre, we are dedicated to producing high-quality theatrical programming that encourages children to explore, create and inspire.

Using a foundation of arts education we provide opportunities for creative enrichment and self-discovery to our young actors.

We are committed to celebrating individuality, fostering creative energy and enhancing our community.

Interested in learning more? Contact us!

Our History:

Our Executive Director, Nicole Poirier, founded North Shore Children's Theatre (NSCT) with Patricia Manalo Bochnak and Andrew Harwood in 2010.

While rehearsals first ran out of a studio space in Salem, NSCT moved to Marblehead in the Summer of 2016.

Since then, NSCT has continued to produce not only its own, independent, full scale productions but also numerous shows a year at Marblehead Veteran's, Village and Charter Schools.

Though Patricia and Andrew have since moved out of state, Nicole has continued to provide comprehensive arts education with the help of dedicated part time staff. In the years since its founding, NSCT has grown exponentially in both participation and community reach.

In Fall of 2023, NSCT grew once again when it expanded to two full time staff as Tori Weisman joined the team as Chief Operating Officer.

In 13 years, NSCT has produced over 130 shows and worked with countless families throughout the North Shore and Greater Boston communities.

We look forward to continuing to grow and to further developing our programming and our impact!

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